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Peddlrr is the first ever affiliate marketing platform that puts you, the musician, first.

Our eCommerce platform was designed to turn your online teaching moments into easy income. With Peddlrr, we give you the platform and tools to sell the production software you trust and recommend with the simple click of a button. Our goal is for you to generate income while focusing on what you love most - being an artist.

How does it work?

  • Sign up and create your free personalized profile page
  • Select your favorite recommended products to be featured on your profile page with purchasing capabilities.
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  • Customers receive download instructions and product keys immediately and are directed back to your Peddlrr profile, website, or other landing page of choice.

Let us take your affiliate marketing to the next level without slowing down the creative process. Our full circle approach keeps you in the spotlight while providing a seamless customer experience for your greatest fans. It’s really that simple. With Peddlrr, we put the power back in your hands.